cargo ship in ocean
cargo ship in ocean

Engineering Solutions for Your Ships

Providing comprehensive hydrodynamic design services especially in ship resistance and propulsion

About Us

Hidden Dragon Marine (HDM) provides innovative engineering solutions for ship hydrodynamics, specializing in resistance and propulsion. We understand that each vessel is unique, therefore we are dedicated to providing innovative and efficient designs tailored to meet the specific needs of each vessel.


New Propeller Design
Propeller Retrofitting
Propeller Modification
Propeller Fin Cap Design
Resistance and Power Prediction
Hull Lines Design
Hull Resistance Reduction
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis
Solutions for EEXI Compliance
Wake Survey
Model Testing
Seakeeping Analysis
Light Running Margin (LRM) calculation
Power Saving Studies for ESD
Torsional Vibration Calculation (TVC) and Shafting Alignment Calculation (SAC)
cruise ship
cruise ship


Model Propeller for Model Testing
Ship Propeller
Fin Cap
Flow Directing Duct
red and white cargo ship at middle of ocean
red and white cargo ship at middle of ocean